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Our Professional Team
At the heart of any superior company is a team of individuals with the sole intention of consistently producing a superior product. The core team at Renovation Pro's was formed with one simple task – work only with the most passionate, experienced and skilled individuals. This is who we are.

Steve Johnson – Principal / CEO

Founder and CEO of Renovation Pro's, Steve brings nearly 30 years of real estate experience to his company. Having worked as an architect, builder, developer, and vice president of sales and marketing, His vast real estate experience and passion for great work are a driving force behind the company's success. Steve's strong leadership skills coupled with his kind-hearted gentle personalty are a powerful combination that causes those who work with him or for him to be loyal and committed to excellence.

Steve obtained his Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is also licensed as a Colorado real estate broker, and is a licensed general contractor in Colorado and Nevada. From self-owned businesses to corporate driven major home builders throughout the nation, his success spans all areas of development.

Steve Shea – Construction Manager – Phoenix

Bringing almost 30 years experience to Renovation Pro's, Steve has been a superintendent, project manager and construction manager for numerous companies. From single tenant apartment improvements to 600-room casino hotels and 10,000 square foot custom homes, no project is too big or too small for him.

At Sundance, Steve wears many hats and deals with everyone. For land projects, he works with the mayor and city staff for all zoning, entitlement and development, both on- and off-site. For construction, he is responsible for all aspects from budgets to final product. And if necessary, Steve won't hesitate to pick up a hammer!

Brenda Shea – Operations Manager – Phoenix

With more than 25 years as vice president in property management with various large publicly held companies, Brenda’s experience provides a backbone of organization to Sundance. Any issue, small or large, Brenda is probably the one you’ll find working on it. From onsite maintenance to backend warranty needs, she ensures that it all flows smoothly. The departments she oversees are Warranty, Customer Care Management, Rental Properties and Maintenance.

Corporate Offices: San Diego, CA
Ph: 858.245.1109 | Fax: 858.566.0269